20 June, 2012

Spiritual Zoology

There are four great proofs of spirit in my opinion: 1) Looking into a baby's eyes and seeing such vital personality there before any accumulation of experience, 2) Looking into an animal's eyes and seeing pure love, 3) If mere words on a page can connect with so many others, sentience must mean something, and 4) The fact that I've experienced being tired spiritually after too much work without play. That said, the former two proofs are, in essence I believe, far more important.

I got half-way through writing this mini-speech when I realised that everything in life is proof of spirit! Why would love exist if mere biological programming? It would obviously be inefficient. Why would we dream? Why would we have dreams to chase? Why passion for things other than the biological (to put it in gentlemanly fashion...)? Now if you'll excuse me, I must be getting upstairs as I told my fiancé I'd only be down in my office for five minutes and it's now been thirty! Why does time move so much slower when I'm tired!? (And there's one with an obvious, bio/neurological answer for ya'.)

12 June, 2012

Ray Bradbury has passed on (the author of Fahrenheit 451, among other classics).  His work has enriched the world, and he deserves to live on in memory, human to human and heart to heart just as his messages protest, for generations.  He is (and forever will be) the kind of science fiction writer who reminds us that to write of the future is to write about the present.

You can follow this link to learn more:  http://ttapress.com/1327/ray-bradbury-rip/0/4/