19 July, 2009

Environmental Survey

I was sent a survey from an undergraduate student at Kingston University early this morning. It was about environmental awareness/concern. I like to wake up slowly, so I took it.

It got me thinking how little relevance each question had. Buying organic nuts is not going to save the planet. Hybrid cars don't work. The real issue is one of politics. I gave a short rant at the end of the survey in the opinions section, and I'd like to share it with you.

Here goes:
Money. Money money money. Protection of the environment is a luxury that most students simply can't afford. Moreover, the biggest issue is one of energy efficiency. That's why hybrid cars don't help, where hybrid turbo-charger technology does. Saving fuel is about increasing engine performance per fuel-unit intake. That's why SUVs are incredibly irresponsible.
As are hippies. They complain about the environment and then drive cars with poor gas mileage.

If I could afford a good car, and afford to shop in organic stores, I would. Another big help would be if the political system worked. Then voting would make a difference because people would be able to vote on issues, not just assholes. Real democracy requires a wealthy populace (so healthy distribution of wealth and a society not run on greed), an informed populace, and politicians who are aware of the concerns of the average people. We have Etonians playing God with wealth and idiots. Society simply does not work.

I should add that "Etonian" is English for "people who went to Eton. The American equivalent is just to reference the super-rich. I should also say that i believe, in this age, ignorant people are idiots. There's no excuse when you have the internet, but to tell the truth, there never was. Ignorance is a choice.

If anyone ever reads this, please visit www.aeristech.co.uk. My brother invented hybrid-turbocharger technology (HTT) and is trying to find a car manufacturer willing to invest in what really is a technological leap.

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