29 June, 2010

I've joined the Clarion Write-a-thon! To be honest, at first I thought I shouldn't bother. I'd write anyway, so affiliating my summer progress with Clarion seemed pointless. But that was a selfish attitude, and that which has no impact upon me, but might help others, might as well be done.

There's nothing wrong with joining the write-a-thon. It might compell some people towards my blog, and it might generate some money for Clarion. To anyone who reads this, know that I'll be working my buns off. Know also that I'd work equally hard if the write-a-thon didn't exist. If you'd like to give Clarion some money in my name, I'd be honoured. I'm sure next year's scholarship students will appreciate it, too.

Good luck to all this year's Clarion students, and to all write-a-thon writers!

You can find my profile here.

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