29 June, 2017

Let the Games Begin, or the filming for it anyway

Zz-been a while since my last post, but man... things have been moving fast, and it's all very exciting.

Filming for the game starts tomorrow. It's been a really great few weeks. It's all 100% happening now, and it's even been decided that some future projects will be my babies. It's still sinking in, to be honest.

Writing this thing has been a very interesting experience, too.  Doing things to deadlines, where I can't sit back and go over an awkward scene months later after writing past it (which always clarifies things); writing something that I don't get to influence the plot of, meaning I can't just alter the story to what comes naturally to me or what I think suits best; not being God, as in not being able to change the weather and working within a special effects budget--all completely new experiences.

Working on a film set will be totally new as well.  Our actors are both professionals, and you wouldn't believe who our sound guy is, so there will be people who know the business to help things run smoothly.

I'll write more about that tomorrow or on the weekend once it's actually happened. 

As for working in games in general, it feels kind of neat to have an office in town, too. It's not like other companies I've worked at. Everybody is casual, there with the mentality that we're all making something together; something cool. It's all enthusiasm and camaraderie, and I can come and go as I please, sitting and writing on my laptop if I feel it helps me focus to be around people, which sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't. I like to pace back and forth and rant to myself like a mad man when I'm plotting, and I tend to whisper or mutter dialogue as I write it, but on off days, it's hard to sit there staring at the screen or perusing the internet when just next door I can hear five other people hard at work. I can sit in my own room there and it, too, has a lot of game-industry-esque character. Basically, it's the first time I've written on a neon green bean bag. 

I look forward to more wacky adventures ahead.

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