11 June, 2017

Sending off My First Script.

So I got the script off Friday afternoon. All professional format and everything, which actually looks pretty cool. The goal is to get people to invest in the game, so it was 4 minutes of video followed by BLAM! Hook!

That was designed to make people want to play what was to follow, which is a very quick double down on the previous hook, the message being, "We need your money!"

I think we'll probably cut the 4 minutes down a bit, or stick some of it elsewhere, but it's much better to film over than under. Actually what I've written will probably take more like 5 or 6 minutes, but there's 4 minutes in there that I think we definitely need. I did this because I have very little concept of how long things take on screen, but every screen writer does this too. It's just a safety net and it's much, much easier to edit out than to add in. Adding things very often (like almost always) loosens your plot. If you write a tight plot with some potential for clipping, you're just going to make it tighter, unless you go so far as to make it disjointed, but thankfully I have enough creative control to ensure that doesn't happen.

It's all been a learning curve and very, very fun.

Did I say we were starting filming on Monday?  I don't feel like going back to check. Either way, it's not true anymore. The deadline will be soon, but we have a bit of time, which is good. It means I and the CEO can bounce ideas off each other and perfect the script, especially in terms of overall narrative, before everything starts getting set in stone.  Again, there's a budget.  In a book I just select, delete, and rewrite. Here we'd have to hire the actors again, pay for the set again, rent the equipment again... Blarg.  Totally different world, this, but I'm loving it.

In point of fact, I just, as I was typing this, checked my email and I have a reply from him with some minor script notes, so I'll check them out in the morning. I suspect it'll be another interesting week.

This pointless picture for Pinterest brought to you by my love of cats, because I can't think of anything more clever.

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